As the autumn comes to an end and the winter starts to bring it’s cold, snowy weather, many people let their guard down when it comes to pests.

We were so used to swatting away wasps or setting mouse traps in our garages during the spring and summer months. When the winter rolls around, we don’t really pay attention to or notice any pests around us and think that they won’t return until spring. Unfortunately, pests are still alive and well during the winter months. Here are some myths we have about pests during the winter months.

Pests Don’t Hibernate

One of the bigger pest myths is that they hibernate like other animals during the winter. This line of thinking does make sense. How can these small pests handle the cold weather and find warmth outside?

For insects like bed bugs, cockroaches, centipedes, and other unwanted creepy crawly bugs find warmth inside your home. They are great at finding warmth in vents, pipes, and the dark corners in your house!

Pests Can Survive the Winter Weather

Another big myth we have about pests is that the winter cold can kill off any small rodent or pest. We as humans don’t like it when it’s -25 Celsius with a windchill, how can mice or roaches?

Most pests are very resilient and find different ways to stay warm, including burrowing into your attic or cupboards where they can build a nest and make a family during the cold winter months. They may not pop their heads out during the winter, but once the spring rolls around, you may find a lot of pests scurrying around your counters or garden.

Pests Don’t Need Warmth to Survive

Most pests are just happy to have a roof over their heads. Even if parts of your home are a little bit cold, they will still stay in those spaces for refuge until the spring. They really only need a space to build a nest and to find food to stay happy. Pests don’t need a cozy place around the fire to be comfortable, they are just as happy to live in your cold cellar or drafty attic.

Pests Aren’t Only Attracted to Food

Keep in mind that leaving crumbs all over your kitchen will attract more pests, but even if you have a spotless kitchen, your house is still full of nutrients for them to feed on. Pests like rats, mice, and roaches love to feed off of breadcrumbs, but they can also eat wood, garbage, and hair to get the vitamins and nutrients they need to stay alive. Even if you keep your whole house clean, these pests are finding the small stuff that you can’t even see when you are cleaning.

Don’t Wait to Take Action

Just because you can’t see the pests crawling in your walls, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Before the winter hits, go around your house and look for any cracks are crevasses that critters can make their way through. They can find their way into your home through windows, doors, or walls if there are any holes. Seal them up properly to keep out unwanted guests when the temperatures start to drop.

If you need help winterizing your home to keep out the pests, contact Gilpin Pest Control in Vancouver to get your free quote and more information on how we can help you this winter!