Biological Pest Control for Ants and Bedbugs in Greater Vancouver

Biological Pest Control For Insects

Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial; there is sometimes no need to apply harsh chemicals to an insect infestation when there are safe low risk biological and baiting controls available. Gilpin's Pest Control is experienced and trained to identify the specific insect and its biology and to match the correct product to be effective at controlling the pest. In some cases, biological control may not be a suitable option due to environmental regulations or pest biology, and an approved insecticide may be a better option for control; but at Gilpin's Pest Control we try to reduce the use of toxic chemicals where we can.

For many types of ants, we can apply a specific bacteria (spinosad) in a bait that ants find attractive and then take it back to the nest to feed to the rest of the colony and kills most colonies within 1-2 weeks. This is an effective low-risk control option for carpenter ants, fire ants, and many other ant species.

For bed bug control we can apply a specific bacteria (beauveria bassiana) to an active bed bug infestation that is safe for people and pets and can eliminate an infestation in 1-2 weeks. Apprehend can also be applied as a preventative option for hotels, Airbnb's, and commercial industrial housing.

Advantages of Biopesticides

  • Biopesticides are usually inherently less toxic than conventional pesticides.
  • Biopesticides generally affect only the target pest and closely related organisms, in contrast to broad-spectrum insecticides that may affect non-target organisms such as birds, bees, pollinators, and mammals.
  • Biopesticides often are effective in very small quantities and often decompose quickly, resulting in lower exposures and largely avoiding the pollution problems caused by conventional pesticides.
  • When used as a component of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs, biopesticides can greatly reduce the use of conventional pesticides, while effectively eliminating a pest problem

For our biological control for insects please contact one of our professionals to discuss the options available.

Rodenticide Free Rodent Control

Gilpin's Pest Control provides many options for rodent control including our rodenticide-free programs. We offer a 100% poison-free service for controlling and preventing rodents in your home or business. With risks of poisoning raptors, mammals, and the environment we are constantly using rodenticide-free options for safe and effective control of rodents. We use a combination of trapping stations for humane removal which prevents any poisoning of the environment or non-target pests; exclusion to block potential and current entry points; enzymes to break down pheromone trails to entry points and nesting sites, and repellants to make the area less attractive.

Gilpin's Pest Control offers this service as an emergency service or an option for our residential and commercial monthly IPM customers.

Please contact us if you are interested in our rodenticide-free rodent control programs.