A Brief History: Our Strained Relationship with Rodents

November 27th, 2023
A Brief History: Our Strained Relationship with Rodents

Although Metro Vancouver's suburban living and lush landscape contribute to the health of the ecosystem, pests have plenty of places to live.  

Rodents leave their marks on everything from the suburban expanses of Surrey to the alleyways of Gastown, leaving chewed structures and droppings behind.  

Every creature is an unauthorized visitor, leaving its mark and creating a major threat to your health and property. 

Pests Are Not a New Issue

Pests have always been a part of Vancouver, as uninvited pests frequently enter dwellings for better survival.  

They have access to everything they need in your home, including warmth, cover, and a limitless supply of water and food scraps. These creatures set up covert headquarters in calm, dark spaces such as basements, attics, and cupboards. 

Additionally, they love hiding inside the warm insulation in your walls or the sly cracks and crevices along your baseboards.  

Pest Control Methods Are Unique and Always Evolving

Humans continue to discover methods for getting rid of pests, and each sort of pest calls for different methods and tools for removal.  

While many people believe that eradication is the ideal approach, there are frequently more merciful alternatives that perform equally. For instance, we set up humane live traps that catch furry intruders. After capture, we move the creature to a better environment far from your house and urban hazards. 

Once the pests are removed, the fight is won, but the conflict is not over. To keep your home pest-free you must conduct periodic inspections, remove garbage immediately, and fill in any gaps between walls and foundations. 

Our struggle with pests has been unrelenting throughout history. However, as we go into the future, our tactics shift toward cohabitation and more ecologically friendly and ethical techniques.  

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