Before and After tips to get the most out of your pest control treatment

November 8th, 2018
Before and After tips to get the most out of your pest control treatment

Watching Remy the adorable rat cook the most delicious dishes in Ratatouille was an absolute delight. But, can you imagine the menace a real rat can potentially cause to any home? Pests and insects can cause real disasters in the form of not just ruining furniture, poisoning food and making messes, but also as dreaded carriers of various diseases. This is the reason why most of us get really paranoid if we see pests and insects in our home. The first thing we do is to learn how to find a good and experienced pest control company to help us with our woes. Before we actually begin the pest control process, there are a few extremely important checks that we need to do, to make sure that the pest control treatment is efficient, effective and causes least health implications to us and our families.

Here are some things to check and prepare before Gilpin’s Pest Control permanently solves your pest problem:


Remove large pieces of furniture to let pest control professionals to access every nook and corner of your home. This will prevent staining of your furniture.


Make sure to pack away your clothes in sealed airtight plastic bags. In addition to clothes, make sure to also pack away bed covers, curtains and any other cloth to protect it from harmful chemicals. Moreover, you can choose to add a plastic sheet on the mattress to protect it from the chemical sprays. For termite,s you may have to get rid of contents inside a wooden cabinet or drawer completely.


If you are getting your home or office pest controlled, it means everything has to be tucked away and cleaned up. Try to wash off and store utensils in locked cabinets, cover the water taps with plastic and make sure to put away all your food in plastic containers and refrigerate them.

Also, since the fridge will need to be unplugged, you may consider getting rid of perishables and discard leftovers.


If you have a pet make sure to not only store their beds, toys and food bowls securely, but also secure your pet with a protective mask. Make sure to either find a boarding shelter or someplace where your pet can be left peacefully for a few hours until the house is treated and cleaned.


Chances are that your favourite painting or mural can get spoiled or broken during a pest control session. It is advisable to consider tucking away your expensive decor items to avoid such mishaps. Alternatively, you can consider covering them with a plastic sheet. This also means emptying your bathrooms and keeping your cleaning accessories covered during a pest control.


It’s best to wait for a while before putting your home in order. Here are some more things that you need to do before you occupy your home again.


If any food has been left out, it is best to throw it away. Even if it was covered, there is a chance that a few chemicals may have penetrated through the covering.


The professionals from Gilpin’s Pest control recommend cleaning only as per the pest company’s directions. This is because most pest control companies will have cleaned the premises before. Also, sometimes ingredients from the domestic cleaning liquids interfere with the efficiency of chemical treatments and you would certainly not want that.


Once you re-enter your house, check what could be the potential entry points for the pests. An unrepaired open water valve, a pipe, an uncovered dry drain or even a small gap between the door and door frame can potentially be a pest gateway into your home. Ensure that the house is clean and free from food waste, paper and uncovered open food.

Once you decide to reset the house, make sure to wipe down surfaces with a cloth or a liquid recommended by your pest control company. It’s best to wear gloves while doing so. Once you have followed the pre and post pest control measures, you are ready to enjoy your house again.

Gilpin’s Pest Control is a family-owned pest control business known to provide best in class, effective and long lasting solutions for controlling pests and insects in indoor spaces. They provide great pesticide solutions with the least toxicity and most efficiency at great prices.