Common Summer Pests That Bug You in British Columbia

July 3rd, 2018
Common Summer Pests That Bug You in British Columbia

If you live in and around Vancouver, hear this! There are at least 341 bugs and pests found in British Columbia. Although any of these can invade your home, not all do. It all depends on the precautions you take for pest control. Look out for these common pests that can bug you through the summer.


This is no Mickey Mouse! The semi-aquatic brown Norway rat that invades your home or office to affect your health can be downright dangerous. They are larger than the black roof rats and their droppings are equally large. Their love of humidity leads them to hide in dark, humid basements. Although big in size, Norway rats can sneak in from openings as tiny as the diameter of a quarter. They wade in ditches, snuggle between wood piles, crouch behind shrubbery and dwell in outbuildings. The black house mice are commonly found in The Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley area too. They live up to two years and breed throughout the time.


Grains, nuts and dried fruit attract beetles and moths if they are not stored in airtight jars. Make sure your pantry or warehouse is clean and treated for pest control. If grains and nuts are stored in warm, humid areas, they may get infested with the larvae, pupae and insect eggs. It is important to find the source when you treat affected areas to prevent future outbreaks.


Bed bugs are hard to spot. They look more like apple seeds. They are just 6.35mm long but can cause you major despair with severe rashes or itchy welts. Mind you, they may not always lurk in mattresses, bed springs, bed frames or headboards. These bugs snuggle in warm cracks and crevices that are close to food sources. Bed bugs can be a nuisance to family pets such as cats and dogs too. Watch out for blood-spots on beddings, skin bites or the bugs themselves. Call pest control when you need to wipe them out.


This is one of the most resilient bugs found on this planet, that can infest any structure in most parts of the world with ease. Homes in British Columbia are no exception. They can cause allergies, carry disease-causing pathogens and asthmatic reactions. The most common variety found in B.C. are the German cockroaches. They revel in warm, humid conditions and near food sources.


Spiders are a menace in B.C. The two groups that spin their webs in this region are the Hobo spiders and famous Black Widow. Spider bites are not as painful as many other insect stings but they can cause severe allergies.


Silverfish, like their name, look like silver coloured fish. But these 1.25cm tiny creatures have mouths that can chew, long antennae, tiny scales and three tail-like appendages springing out from their abdomens. They feed on yeast, carbohydrates and starches found in paper products, drywall and clothing fibres. Worse, they can live up to six years. Look out for them in your closet, bathroom, basement, baseboards, and attic.


The warm, inviting weather of British Columbia is a haven not only for humans to thrive in but also other creatures of the earth. Apart from those above, fleas, carpenter ants, bees, wasps and hornets have also found homes here. Keep them away with Gilpin’s Pest Control. We are a family owned business servicing Lower Mainland and the British Columbia Interior for 35 years. We are armed with all the arsenal needed to deal with all kinds of pests in Vancouver such as those above. Our treatments and traps are environmentally friendly. Ensure ongoing pest protection for your home. Just give us a call.