Damage Caused By Carpenter Ants

September 7th, 2016

No one likes dealing with a pest problem. Rarely do you see just one ant or cockroach without discovering more. One of the more invasive insects is the carpenter ant. These are larger than those little black ants which may invade your kitchen when the weather warms up. Carpenter ants have strong mandibles or jaws, just perfect for gnawing away at wood, especially moist wood. They don’t eat the wood, but their trails are dead giveaways. Gilpins Pest Control is an expert in handling carpenter ants in Vancouver. We know the damage these insects are capable of inflicting; if caught early, then the damage is minimal. But, if carpenter ants are allowed to infest and grow their colonies, then there is a good chance you will experience major damage to your home. A good Vancouver pest control company such as Gilpins will spot these carpenter ants right away. They rarely nest in dry wood, and their “wood” trails are easy to spot when you know where to look. Our professional exterminators are trained to perform a complete inspection of your home. Carpenter ants look for entry points in attics, foundations, cracks, pipes and telephone lines. They love building their nests in moist wood, and occasionally, if there are enough of them, you can hear their rustling noises in the walls. Once you see the larger winged variety, then you know for sure that there is an infestation. Gilpins will treat your home for carpenter ants using our “crack and crevice” treatment. That means only a very few areas inside of your home will be treated; everything else is in crawl or attic spaces, foundations and entry points from the exterior. If you’re looking for the best in Vancouver pest control, call Gilpins today. We offer a great guarantee on our pest control services, and we use low-toxic insecticides to get your home carpenter ant-free.