Do I Have Mice in My Attic?

August 10th, 2018
Do I Have Mice in My Attic?

Many homeowners may not realize quite how good mice are at climbing. These little critters can make their way from the outdoors all the way up into your attic and ceiling with relative ease. If a mouse can fit its skull through an opening, then it can fit the rest of its body through, as mice do not have collarbones. So if their 1.5 cm width and height skull (approximately 3/5 inch) can fit through the crack in your wall, they are getting in. Mice also have interesting teeth, in that their teeth never stop growing. They chew on everything so that they continuously are filing their teeth down, and so even if you have a crack less than 1.5 cm wide, with just a little bit of effort it could be made big enough by that mouse to fit through, and once they are in your home, they will want to stay.


You will be able to hear mice before you most likely see them. You can hear them squeaking, chewing, gnawing, digging, and their teeny-tiny claws skittering around on the ceiling. You will hear this mostly at night, as mice are naturally nocturnal. If you think you hear mice, then turn off your air conditioner, heater, or fan to get a good listen. They can end up being quite loud, and so you should be able to make them out. Once you have confirmed you can hear them you are going to need to do a visual inspection to see what you are dealing with so you can communicate this to an exterminator.


If your attic is used for storage, then you will have a harder time spotting mice scurrying about. The best thing to look for, outside of a bonafide mouse, is signs of a mouse infestation. Look for droppings, stained pathways or disturbances in dust, hair, chewing, and nesting materials or nests. Mice like soft and comfy nests so if you have stored boxes of blankets, comforters, pillows, sleeping bags, or old stuffed animals then there is a good chance they are living in there.

If you have a finished attic, then it may be easier to find their home, but you should still go about looking for the same signs you would see in an unfinished attic.


If the mice are predominantly in the attic, then you are safe to use snap traps as they will not be near children or pets. Set them out and bait them with peanut butter. Check traps every single day and if you find dead mice remove them while wearing gloves.

If you are not comfortable using traps, or you cannot get a handle on the mouse infestation, then it is time to call an exterminator. The team at Gilpins Pest Control are expert exterminators and have all of the experience and tools to get the job done right. Contact us today, and we will get the unwelcome guests out of your home once and for all.