Getting Rid of Fleas with Professional Pest Control

April 19th, 2017

Fleas represent a constant battle for anyone who owns a pet. They say that all dogs have fleas, and probably all cats, too. We work so hard to get rid of them, by using anti-flea treatments, taking the pets for flea baths at the vet or groomer, and doing our best to interrupt the cycle with regular washing of any pet beds or blankets. And yet, it always seems like, at some point or another, the fleas make a comeback. Is the battle against fleas impossible to win?

If you are either tired of battling fleas yourself, or you don’t have the time to do all the things that could be done against fleas, maybe it’s time to consider a professional pest control company. Professional flea control is a learned skill and includes a number of measures that you probably won’t do or don’t know about if you’re not a pest control professional yourself. However, it can also be extremely beneficial to simply get the advice of someone who has dealt with fleas in hundreds of homes.


The best way to rid your home of fleas is to know just how the flea lifecycle works and to use flea treatments that target fleas at each stage of their life. Insecticides will work on fleas that are out of the eggs, but will not affect eggs or pupa. That means you’ve got to take secondary measures, such as vacuuming and secondary insecticide use a couple of weeks after the initial use.


A thorough and complete professional flea treatment can be conducted in your home and you can expect to be flea-free for six months to a year. In a house, flea treatments will last for a year. In an apartment or condo, professional flea treatment is likely to last six months or so.

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