How Does Pest Control Work?

November 3rd, 2018
How Does Pest Control Work?

What is a pest, exactly? Well, an animal of sorts that a human regards as unpleasant or undesirable. They can either be annoying to have around, or actually cause you harm, physically or throughout your environment. For example, grasshoppers tend to eat crops, you could have a wasp nest that threatens to sting you on a daily basis, or carpenter ants eating away at the structure of your home. How can we control such things? Pest control is defined as finding a method to manage or eliminate a specific animal or insect that’s regarded as a pest. And there are many options as to how that can be achieved.


Spraying this poisonous substance by hand is a common technique when getting rid of bees, wasps and other pests that are hard to reach or set traps for. Traps are also used with poisonous bait to control animals within a space or that inhabit low reaching areas. This method works best for getting rid of small rodents and ants.

If you have a large scale infestation, then spacial fumigations will probably be your best bet. In this case, the infested structure needs to be covered and sealed before deadly gases are pumped into the building. The seal needs to be airtight since the chemicals are meant to kill anything it comes in contact with. This process will go on for 24 to 72 hours depending on the severity of the situation. This is an expensive option but kills pests at all life stages.


Any method that doesn’t involve chemicals is considered to be a natural way of controlling pests. This can range from using natural, eco-friendly pest control products to natural remedies that you can mix up at home. For example, planting flowers can deter mosquitoes from frequenting an area, or mixing non-toxic household products like borax and sugar to kill ants.


Who says you have to kill pests to control them? There are ways to stop them from reproducing and move onto another location. Doing small things like moving your waste bins and getting rid of still water can encourage some pest to skip town. Remove what most attracts your pests.


Most common for dealing with rats and mice, setting snap traps, glue traps or live catch traps is a natural control method for these pests.

Not the most humane way to control pests, but using electrically powered traps and devices to repel and eliminate rodents or insects are available. In fact, almost every pest control method listed here can be purchased at a home department or hardware store.

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