How to Control Rats and Mice in Vancouver

March 15th, 2017

A rat or mouse infestation in your Vancouver home or business can be a real annoyance. Because both rodents are nocturnal, you’ll usually hear them scratching around in the walls or ceilings during the night. Some people are kept up at night by the noise made by these little pests, while others are just grossed out at the prospect of sharing their home with rodents.

There are some threats from rodents, mostly because they are vectors of disease and carry many parasitic insects which also bite humans. In addition, rats and mice tend to chew through a lot of stuff and will raid your pantry, making a big mess. For these reasons, pest removal companies in Vancouver usually work hard to remove any invading rodents.


Rats and mice are removed in similar ways. Their nesting habits are similar and although there are many ways to kill a rat or a mouse, there are really only a few ways that make sense in a residential home or a business. The first line of defense is always using traps for both rats and mice. Most buildings in Vancouver that have a problem with mice or rats only have a single animal or a small nest. People figure out that there’s a problem before it gets too dramatic.

Poison is rarely used to kill mice and is never used to kill rats. Poison does not kill rodents instantly. Instead, they are given just enough time to crawl into a far off corner where they are hard to find and remove. The result is a very bad smell and sometimes a lot of work in order to remove the dead rodent. Rats, in particular, smell very bad when they die in the walls.


Dealing with rats or mice in your Vancouver home or business may seem like a daunting task. This is why hiring a professional pest control company is a good choice when you need to get rid of these critters. A good choice when you need to get rid of these critters.