Identification of Common Pests in the Lower Mainland of BC

April 25th, 2023
Identification of Common Pests in the Lower Mainland of BC

Pests are always looking for shelter, and unfortunately, sometimes that means in your yard, walls, or even your bed. As a property owner, knowing how to identify and prevent common pest infestations will help keep your home safe and clean for those inside.

Below is a summary of how to identify the signs of an infestation and how you can prevent an infestation from occurring.


Bedbugs are one of the most well-known pests in the world. They have a small and distinct brown shape and live underneath the mattress. Over time bedbugs can spread across the room and the entire house, so it is critical to identify the signs of a bed bug infestation early.

To identify bedbugs, first and foremost, closely inspect your bedding. If there are any dark spots or faint odors, it is likely a sign of bed bugs. Also, if you have developed rashes or bites, it might be due to a bed bug invasion.


Rats are elusive, crafty, and tough to deal with. They are also extremely resilient and once they are inside a home, they are difficult to deal with. The biggest worry with rats is the bacteria they bring in and the damage they can do to walls and internal structural components.

Unlike bed bugs, rats are not found in a certain location, so it can be harder to identify an infestation. Some of the best signs to look out for are bite parts along floorboard trims or small droppings found anywhere in the home.

Gilpin’s Can Exterminate Any Pest Problem

Knowledge and prevention tactics are only half the battle. If there is an established pest infestation in your home, the best way to deal with it is through a professional exterminator.

At Gilpin’s Pest Control, we have the equipment required to eradicate any pest infestation safely and effectively in your home or commercial property. Contact us today and get immediate assistance anywhere in Greater Vancouver.

Gilpin’s Pest Control is a family-owned business operating on the Lower Mainland in Greater Vancouver and the BC Interior including Kamloops, Revelstoke, and Sicamous. After 35 years in the business, we do a stellar job and are proud of our rapid response time.

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