Importance of Pest Control for Carpenter Ants

October 5th, 2016

As with most any pest, insect or animal, you may not even know they are there until there are many of them. So it is with carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are among one of the largest ants in North America. They love to live where you live; indoors or out, and absolutely love moist, rotting wood. If you go looking for them, just follow their wood shavings and you’ll find their nests. They are not your garden-variety or kitchen-variety little black ant, but tend to be larger, black and in some cases, red or brown.

Carpenter ants should only be treated by a professional pest control company. At Gilpin’s Pest Control, our exterminators know where to look, and how to eliminate the infestation. We follow a specific procedure that involves many areas of your home, especially those places you don’t normally see. Most often, carpenter ants love to make their homes in trees, both living and dead. If your home is made of wood, they will oftentimes find their way there, too. Anyplace that has sufficient moisture is where they love to hang out.

Gilpin’s Pest Control in Vancouver offers you a comprehensive treatment for carpenter ants. If they are treated early, usually no structural damage is found. Occasionally, carpenter ants have caused extensive damage to buildings and homes. This is why it’s so important to get good pest control for carpenter ants. Our trained professionals know the correct procedures that will eliminate your carpenter ant problem once and for all. You don’t want a re-infestation of an old colony just when you thought everything was remedied.

If you’re having a carpenter ant issue, give Gilpin’s a call today. Our free consultation will make you glad you called. Gilpin’s Pest Control guarantee is on your side.