Risks of Bed Bugs

December 1st, 2016

Bed bugs can be found anywhere, in any home or business. These little, flat, brown bugs are very common in places where there is high turnover, such as hotels, hospitals, barracks, and the like, but they love making their home anywhere.

Lately, bedbugs seem to be getting all the news. Just thinking about bed bugs can make you feel itchy all over. It seems as if they’ve invaded even the more upscale hotels in big cities and have been found in businesses which never had this problem before.

Just what are the risks of bed bugs?

Bed bugs bite. Once they’ve infested a mattress, they can cause real trouble. Their bites do not carry disease, but they do cause itchiness. No one likes little bugs in their beds, but overuse of pesticides to rid your home of them can cause more damage than the bed bug scare. Because travel is easier and more worldwide, bed bugs have made a comeback. If you do travel overseas, then you should educate yourself as to best practices concerning bed bugs. When out shopping, take precautions in dressing rooms. Never lay your personal clothes down on floors and wash your new clothes as soon as you get them home. If you find you have bed bugs, then by all means call a professional exterminator. Don’t do the job yourself. Bed bugs can be very hard to get rid of. At Gilpins Pest Control, we will take care of your bed bug problem quickly and efficiently. Our experts know where these little bugs live and our three-step treatment will have your home or business bed bug-free in no time. Not all Vancouver pest control services are the same or offer you the great rates and warranties as does Gilpins. Let Gilpins treat your bed bug problem. Call us today for a free consultation and a quick end to your bed bug problem.
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