Signs You Have Cockroaches

December 25th, 2016

You walk into your kitchen late at night and flip on the light. Suddenly, you notice movement near the sink or around the refrigerator. Could you have cockroaches? In Vancouver, one of the most common insect problems is the German cockroach. These little critters come out at night and can be next to impossible to get rid of. They love little crevices, warm, moist areas in kitchens and hide behind appliances, or in sinks.

For any Vancouver pest control company, cockroaches can be a challenge. At Gilpins Pest Control, we’ve seen them before and have no problem ridding your home of these awful pests. Gilpins professional exterminators know all about German cockroaches. These buggers are medium-brown and about ½” – 5/8” in length. They eat anything and hang out anywhere. We know the areas in your home where they can be found, and we know what to look for in their droppings.

Certain signs you have cockroaches include:

  • Seeing them out in the open. When your infestation is severe, cockroaches will be seen crawling all around night or day.
  • With a large infestation, you will see shell casings. These look like small brown oval-shaped casings. A good exterminator will spot these right away.
  • When you have a large group of cockroaches, they do give off an oily smell which can be very pungent.

Once you’re sure there are cockroaches, contacting a Vancouver pest control company is your best remedy. Gilpins knows just what to do. We know there are a lot more cockroaches than just what you are seeing. With our bait and insecticide treatments, these pesky bugs will soon be a thing of the past in your home or business. For your free consultation and estimate for cockroaches and all other pest problems, give Gilpins Pest Control a call today. You’ll be very glad you did!