The Impact of Climate Change on Pest Population on the Lower Mainland

February 22nd, 2023
The Impact of Climate Change on Pest Population on the Lower Mainland

As anyone from northern British Columbia can attest to, colder climates have fewer pests than warmer climates. Just consider for a moment all the pests and microorganisms in the tropics compared to what we have in Canada. There is a big difference. So, as we experience climate change and increasing average temperatures on the Lower Mainland—like everywhere else—pest populations are increasing and will continue to do so as long as temperatures continue to rise. 

The Lower Mainland already has a mild oceanic climate and already has plenty of pests. Now those pests are getting worse. 

This is not just a problem for home owners. An increasing pest population is a major problem in agriculture as roughly 40% of crops are lost to pests worldwide already. So, an increase in the pest population means an increase in the chemicals used to keep them at bay. 

Any increase in crop loss affects the world economy and world food supplies, not to mention the livelihood of farmers everywhere. 

Home and business owners are facing pest problems like they have never seen before. Do not wait until things are totally out of hand. Get some help with your pest control while it is still manageable. 

Learn how to keep your home and office as pest-free as possible. For example, do not plant shrubbery right up against buildings, and never plant vines on your building. Vines are like vectors for pests to get into a building. Do not let branches overhang your roof. And if your pest problems are more than you can handle, get professional help. 

If you are having pest problems on the Lower Mainland, give us a call in Vancouver at (800) 439-8938 and let us help. We can help you get the problem under control. 

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