The Most Effective DIY Treatments For Fruit Flies

March 23rd, 2018

When the warmer weather arrives, nothing beats a fresh piece of fruit to cool down and refresh after a long day in the sun. However, you are not the only one that loves the warmer weather and the seasonal produce it brings with it. Unfortunately, fruit flies are not only pesky, but they always seem to start enjoying the fresh produce you bought from the farmer’s market before you get the chance to.

In fact, it does not take very long for these pests to find their way into your home and completely take it over. Although you may think that your best protection against these pests is to keep all fruits and veggies sealed in bags and stored in the refrigerator, it only takes one lonely and overripe banana or an empty wine bottle to attract fruit flies to your kitchen.

Your best bet is to compost any mushy and spoiled produce immediately and use one or more of these DIY pest control tips to keep fruit flies at bay.


Get a small bottle of apple cider vinegar, remove the bottle cap, cover the opening with plastic wrap and secure it with a rubber band. The only other thing that you will need to do is poke small holes in the covering so the fruit flies can enter the bottle.

Keep in mind that the fruit flies cannot resist the smell of apple cider vinegar. The added benefit is that they will not be able to leave the inside of the bottle once they enter.


Another effective DIY fruit fly treatment involves mixing dish soap and apple cider vinegar together. This is an alternative if you realize that the fruit flies in your kitchen are avoiding the plastic wrap bait.

In this type of situation, you can add some apple cider vinegar and three drops of dish soap into an uncovered bowl. The soap is effective because it will help to cut the surface tension caused by the vinegar, and will make it easier for the fruit flies to drown and sink to the bottom of the bowl.


As previously mentioned, fruit flies are also attracted to alcohol. You can simply leave out an open bottle with a small amount of wine in the bottom. Fruit flies love the smell, and the small neck of the bottle will prevent the fruit flies from coming out. For added protection, you can also cover the opening with a plastic wrap cover secured by a rubber band.

These are some of the DIY fruit fly treatments that you can try in the summer when the fruit flies can quickly take over your kitchen and home. By using preventative measures, you can make your kitchen less attractive to these pests.

If you still have an invasion of fruit flies after trying these DIY pest control techniques, it’s time to call a professional exterminator. For fruit fly pest control in Vancouver, you can trust the team at Gilpin’s Pest Control to get the job done right and to keep your home free of fruit flies so you can enjoy your summer pest free! You can remain at peace because we use the least-toxic solutions as possible that have optimal results, ensuring your family is safe while getting rid of your pest problem effectively. Email us at gilpinspestcontrol@gmail.com or call us at 604-459-7378 to request your free quote today!