Top 5 Pests that Could Destroy Your Home

September 6th, 2017

One of the main things that homeowners worry about is walking around in their home and suddenly hearing footsteps in the attic or discovering mysterious holes burrowed in wooden floorboard. This can only mean one thing: a pest has found its way into your home. There are a lot of common pests to keep an eye out for but here is a list of the top 5 pests to be especially aware of.


Termites are insects that eat on wood. To date, they are one of the biggest pest related threats to homeowners. They feed primarily on wood and can cause considerable damage to the structure of a home. The damage termites can do can be so extensive that they can render a home unlivable until the proper repairs are made. What’s dangerous about termites is that most homeowners don’t realize the damage until it’s too late. It should be noted that even if your home is not primarily made of wood, termites can still pose a threat. They can travel through plaster and metal siding and proceed to feed on any wooden structures (wooden furniture, cabinets, floors etc.).


There is one type of beetle that can cause harm to your home: powderpost beetles. Powderpost beetles can cause damage, but not to the level of termites. They just attack hardwood only. They can infest molding, hardwood flooring cabinets and doors. The most common signs of these types of beetles are small round holes in the wood (usually detected with the presence of copious amounts of sawdust). They can consistently eat through the wood and compromise the structure of it. The appearance of the wood riddled with holes is mainly an aesthetic issue. The best way to rid of an infested piece of wood is to just replace it.


They can be unassuming animals but can cause a considerable amount of damage over time. Rats and mice chew through almost anything – wood, thermal insulation, wiring and more. By chewing through thermal insulation and wiring, rats and mice can potentially cause electrical damage and fires in your home. Another danger of these animals are their droppings. Rodent urine and droppings hold a multitude of problems such as: – The smell of these droppings will attract more rat and mice. – Their droppings carry infections and diseases such as salmonella and tapeworm (harmful to any inhabitants in the home).


As cute as squirrels are, they too can cause damage to your homes. They chew through soffits and fascias around the roof leaving open holes in your home to be exposed to the elements such as rain and snow. Also, like rats and mice, they can cause fires by chewing through insulation and wiring.


These bugs may seem relatively harmless, but they are a huge nuisance to have in your home. If the situation escalates, it can make your home seem unlivable. While they do not carry disease, they can soil bedding and furniture. Bed bugs are considered a very unattractive problem and should be dealt with immediately before they spread throughout other areas in the home. It is highly recommended to hire a professional to exterminate the infestation.

Having pests found in your home can be potentially damaging and a financial burden. However, if dealt with properly (likely with professional exterminators), these pests can be rid of and your home salvaged.