What are the Health Risks Associated with Common Pests in the Lower Mainland of BC?

May 27th, 2023
What are the Health Risks Associated with Common Pests in the Lower Mainland of BC?

For those living in the Lower Mainland of BC, it is common to come into contact with pests such as bed bugs, rats, mice, ants, and wasps. While these pests can be a nuisance in your home or business, they pose significant health risks that cannot be ignored.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny insects that live off human blood. They can cause skin rashes and allergic reactions when bitten. In severe cases, bed bug bites can lead to anemia and psychological stress. Infestations may also cause sleep deprivation and other mental health conditions.


Common rodents found around Vancouver include rats and mice. These pests pose several health threats due to their tendency to crawl and leave feces almost anywhere in your living space, including food preparation areas, which increases your risk of food contamination.


Cockroaches are well-known disease carriers that feed on any organic matter left over by people/pets. They can quickly populate a small infestation, transforming it into a massive colony. The scavenger pests transmit pathogens and residue that becomes a breeding ground for germs and viruses.

Lower Mainland Pest Prevention Measures

Reducing debris and food scrap buildups around your home can minimize the potential of unwanted intruders. Remember to stay proactive and perform regular checks in your bedroom, washroom, and kitchen for signs of pests.

If you already have an infestation, pest control is the best option. At Gilpin’s Pest Control, we can quickly and safely eradicate any pest infestation across Greater Vancouver. Contact us today for immediate assistance.

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