What to do if you have a Cockroach Problem

July 10th, 2017

The very thought of a cockroach invasion probably sends shivers down your spine. Around the world, this creature brings on feelings of disgust and revulsion. It is one of the hardiest insects on the planet, capable of going for long periods of time without food or water, and even capable of surviving for some time even after decapitation! It can hold its breath for up to 45 minutes and has the incredible ability to slow its own heart rate. With its high tolerance to radiation levels that would wipe out a human population, the cockroach appears almost indestructible. An invasion isn’t something that anyone wants to think about experiencing, but there are a number of ways that you can help prevent these insects from seeking out your residence in the first place.


Although they’re most commonly found in tropical climates, cockroaches can survive and even thrive in many types of climates and weather extremes. In general, they’re found close to human populations, where their food and water sources are close at hand. You’ll also spot roaches in areas where moisture levels are high, so if your home is prone to leaks, it’s as if you’re laying out a welcome mat. Cockroaches will also seek out any broken food containers or other available food sources left behind by their unwitting human hosts.


There are 4 main signs that you have some unwelcome guests in your home.

  • You can actually smell cockroaches; roaches give off a musty odour.
  • You may see roach egg casings; they’re oval shaped and brown, and the casings remain even after the roaches have hatched.
  • You may see roach feces.
  • You may see a cockroach itself.


First of all, ensure that you’re not accidentally feeding the roach infestation by leaving food in easily accessible locations or in easy to chew through containers. Roaches can spread many different types of bacteria, so keeping food protected is also good for your health and that of your family. Keep clutter to a minimum so that roaches have fewer places to hide; dispose of garbage properly and keep the floor and cupboards tidy. Keep lawns maintained and check wood piles for signs of roach activity; keeping wood piles further from structures is also a good idea. Make sure that your home is well maintained structurally, as cracks and holes allow for easy access to not only roaches but a number of different insects and vermin. Fill and repair holes or cracks as soon as they are noticed. Stay on top of house cleaning, as roaches leave a scent “trail” for other roaches to find and mopping or wiping may remove it.

Your best bet for eradicating a cockroach problem is to call the experts. They’re well equipped to finding, killing, and removing cockroaches from your home. They can also suggest ways in which you can prevent any future infestations from occurring.

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