Clean Up Services & Disinfection for Pests in Vancouver & BC Interior

At Gilpin’s Pest Control we want to ensure that your home is left with no trace of contamination after experiencing any pest problem in your home. After removing the unwanted pests from inside your home and completing the exclusion process, we recommend a clean-up be completed.

Many pests such as rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, and bats leave behind a mess that can both be hazardous to your health and attract other pests to the area in the future. They also communicate through pheromones left by their droppings, urine, and excretions from their body

It is an important step to prevent future infestations by eliminating these attractive pheromones. Eliminating the pheromones will make it more difficult for pests to find existing trails to entry points into your home or business and make the area less attractive for future pest populations. We start with removing all visible and accessible nesting material including damaged insulation and other debris.

Removing droppings and nesting debris from your home or business will also eliminate the potentially hazardous material for human health. Our techs are trained at removing this hazardous material safely from your home or business, following Work Safe guidelines for biohazard removal and exposure.

Then all visible and accessible droppings will be vacuumed with a HEPA filter vacuum. An enzyme and disinfectant are then applied to the area by a spray or electric fogger to neutralize any harmful pathogens, pheromones, and odor-causing substances. Our services also include insulation replacement with either batt insulation or blown-in insulation, and vapor barrier replacement if required. Contact us to learn more.