You’re Better off Hiring a Pest Control Company for Consistent Monitoring and Pest Control

Any business owner knows that a pest invasion is dangerous. Restaurants are the most likely to be irreparably damaged by a pest problem, but they’re not the only ones. No client or customer is going to want to come back if they see a mouse, are buzzed by flies, or encounter spiders lurking in corners. As a business owner in Vancouver, it pays to invest in a commercial pest management service that can handle any pest problem, both currently and into the future.

Long-Term View on Pest Management

When most people think of pest management or pest control, they think of an exterminator who comes in and deals with the problem on a one-time basis. While this approach can be effective in the short term, there are many downsides to a short-term approach. Typically, you’ll find yourself dealing with noxious chemicals that are just as dangerous as the pests, if not more dangerous! And while you can kill off part of a carpenter ant colony, it’s likely that there are many, many more where those came from. The real solution is to consider the long-term solution.

Long-term pest control strategies will consider the ways that a pest problem starts. How are the pests getting into the building? Can you fill a few cracks around the door or a window? Is there a way for rodents to sneak into the walls from the outside? Are your roof and attic secured? A commercial pest management service will answer these questions and provide solutions that prevent pests from entering the building in the first place.

What attracts the pests? Do you have issues with trash or sanitation that are contributing to the problem? Is there a water source that insects or rodents are finding attractive? In the long term, you’ll be better off figuring out what is bringing pests inside and addressing those problems.

Consistent Service Prevents Infestations

In addition to preventative measures, the use of pest control products that have prolonged effectiveness ensure that you don’t have future infestations. They create a protective barrier around your building or business, ensuring that you have a pest-free facility for months. But if you stop your routine maintenance, after that protection wears off, you will see the slow reappearance of pests. Best to stay with scheduled pest control services to ensure your business stays pest-free.

Hiring the Right Commercial Pest Management Company in Vancouver

Of course, we believe that the best commercial pest management is done by a company with experience in commercial pest management. Identifying the risks that are especially problematic here in Vancouver is also important. And you should hire a company that takes the long-term view, solving problems for good instead of using a short-term fix to kill off any current pests. Hiring an experienced pest control company like Gilpins Pest Control and working with a fixed maintenance schedule will help your business operate pest-free.

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