With Spring Break and the summer months just around the corner, you may be starting to think of a new tropical destination to visit for a few weeks! As you know, vacations are very relaxing and they let your recharge after a long, cold winter. A big problem that may come with your vacation is that you could be picking up bed bugs at the place you are staying and bringing them to your home for a vacation of their own.

Bed bugs can be found anywhere, so whether you are booking a hotel or visiting a relative’s house, use the following tips to avoid bringing unwanted bed bugs back into your home.

Do An Inspection When You First Walk in The Room

Follow these bed bug inspection steps before you start unpacking your things. Look for any red or brown spots on the sheets and comforters. Next, check all the corners and anywhere bed bugs like to hide including under the mattress, behind furniture, underneath sofa cushions, and the tight corners of the room. If you notice a gathering of dark brown spots, you should find a manager to tell them about the problem, then start looking for a new hotel to stay at.

Keep Your Suitcase Off the Floor

Even if you don’t see any major signs of bed bugs, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Take caution when unpacking your things when you get to your vacation destination and keep your belongings off of the floor. Use drawers and hangers to store your clothes to keep them away from potential critters latching on to them.

Do Some Research While You Are Booking Your Room

If you will be booking a hotel room or an Airbnb, check out the reviews from past tenants to see if they mention anything about bed bugs or other bug infestations. You can also check websites, like the bedbug registry, that will tell you where bed bugs have been reported recently.

Choose The Right Luggage

The fabric is one of the things that bed bugs absolutely love. They will eat it, live in it, and burrow inside of it. When travelling to a place where you have never been, use a hard shell suitcase to carry your clothes. This will detract the bed bugs from attaching themselves to your luggage.

Double Check For Bed Bugs Before Unpacking

When you get home, inspect your luggage and clothes for any signs of bed bugs. For added security, throw all of your clothes in the dryer immediately. This will kill off any unseen bed bugs or critters before putting your clothes back into your closet.

If you have unfortunately brought bed bugs back with you from your vacation, you need to take action right away before the problem spreads! Give the team at Gilpin’s Pest Control a call to get rid of your bed bug infestation. We use heat treatments and insecticide treatments to get rid of the problem and it comes with a three-month warranty! If you have a bed bug problem in Vancouver, contact us now!