Exterior Rodent Control in Greater Vancouver & BC Interior

Rodents are naturally occurring in the environment outside. At Gilpin's Pest Control we want to help you prevent them from making their way into your home and causing damage to the inside.

How To Prevent Rodents From Getting Into Your Home?

We recommend controlling the exterior population of rodents first by exclusion and then installing bait stations on the exterior of your home or business. The bait stations can be filled with approved safe rodenticide or traps for those who don’t want any rodenticide on their property. We set them up outside to protect your home from being invaded by rodents inside. They are government-regulating tamper-proof locking bait stations, with a key to get into them that only our licensed technicians have.

The rodenticide used inside the station is regulated by the ministry of environment and a pest control license is needed to purchase and use the rodenticide. There is no secondary poisoning if one of your dogs or wildlife picks up a dead rodent, they won’t be harmed by the dead rodent.

Exclusion: Rodent Prevention

Our technicians will also inspect the whole exterior of your home to see if there are any possible entry points rodents can get in.

At Gilpin's Pest Removal, we pride ourselves on incorporating exclusion as part of all our pest control services. We exclude a foreseeable circumstance of a rat infestation happening.

Exclusion is not typically offered by our competitors, but to us, it is an important part of providing quality pest control services- particularly mouse control services. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have, about effective rat removal.