Live Trapping and Relocating Wildlife in BC Interior & Vancouver

Urban wildlife (Racoons, Squirrels, Skunks, etc.,) is natural to our outdoor environment, but when they set up shop inside your home they need to be safely removed and relocated to a better-suited home.

Urban wildlife removal is highly regulated. It is illegal during their breeding season to remove a mother and her kits from their current nesting site unit their kits can function on their own, without their mother:

“A mother and her baby cannot be removed from their nesting site until the pups are able to leave with the mother (about 12 weeks). Removing and relocating the pups without the mother will likely result in pups starving to death.” (

This unfortunately means during this time we are unable to trap and relocate them. We need to wait until they are old enough before we can set up any of our programs. Due to these restrictions in the removal process, we recommend you contact us, your professional wildlife control experts, to manage the humane removal of urban wildlife from your home.

 Urban wildlife removal is not something the average person should try on their own. Wild animals can be aggressive when cornered or feel threatened, especially if they are protecting a nest with a young. Contact us today about our trapping and relocating programs.