Panty/Clothing Moth Control & Removal in Greater Vancouver

Different types of moths require different plans of extermination, so it is vital that correct identification is made with these pests. As always, our exterminators take care to locate the source of your moth problem, so you can understand how to continually prevent any further infestations.

Pantry Moths

No one wants to find an unwelcomed guest in their food storage, or even in their food!

Pantry moths can be found in stored food and grains. They can be brought in by purchasing a contaminated food product and bringing it into your home.

Removal of any contaminated food, as any food products not in airtight containers.

We always recommend keeping all stored food, and gain items in airtight containers to help prevent any spreading, and from contamination of other foods.

Clothing Moths

Finding damaged clothing items in your home?

Clothing moths prefer natural fibers such as, wool and silk. They can also still damage cotton and other types of fabric though.

We recommend laundering damaged clothing or taken to a dry cleaner to be cleaned if it can’t be done at home. This will kill any eggs left on the clothing.

When our tech is on site, he will inspect the whole home to see where the issue is, and to see if the issue has spread through out the home.

While Gilpin's Pest Control makes every effort to use non-toxic or low-toxic pest control methods. Sometimes a spray is needed to control the issue.

Our tech will treat the inside of the home, and all areas where the moths have been found. Including in drawers, cupboards, dressers, and closets. Depending on where the activity is in the home

Get Rid of Moths - Discreetly

Getting rid of moths may be something that you want kept private- and we at Gilpin's Pest Control understand that. Our exterminators always arrived in unmarked vans and operate in the most discreet manner possible. Getting rid of moths can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Contact us today, and find out how our cockroach removal programs can get rid of moths easily, and permanently for you.