Silverfish Control & Removal in Interior BC & Greater Vancouver

Silverfish can be a nuisance pest found inside your home. They get their name from their fish like movement and appearance with their metallic scaly appearance.

Silverfish invade your home searching for damp, dark places to hide in. They also invade anything paper based, cotton, and even some adhesives. They like to consume paper products, some fabrics, and even wallpaper glue!

How to Remove Silverfish From Your Home

Our technicians will inspect the whole home, including the attic, and crawl space to see where the silverfish are most populated.

We treat by a crack and crevice treatment, inside and outside. As well treat the attic and crawl space to make sure every part of your home is treated and protected.

Get Rid of Silverfish - Discreetly

Getting rid of silverfish may be something that you want kept private- and we at Gilpins Pest Control understand that. Our exterminators always arrived in unmarked vans and operate in the most discreet manner possible. Getting rid of silverfish can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Contact us today, and find out how our cockroach removal programs can get rid of silverfish easily, and permanently for you.