Squirrel Control Doesn’t Have to Drive You Nuts

As cute as they are, squirrels can become a pest to homes and commercial buildings as they have the tendency to cause quite a lot of damage. If you have a squirrel in your attic, garage, or basement, you will likely know how noisy and disruptive these animals can be. They will chew their way through anything, including the interiors and exteriors of your house.

Squirrel Control Gilpin'sIf left untreated, this can be quite damaging and costly to your home. Tree squirrels are the most common squirrel to frequent homes, but there are several other species that can pop up uninvited. The bitter cold forces squirrels to find warmth within houses- usually attics. While squirrels are not subtle, they are hard to catch. Effective squirrel removal will most likely require a highly trained exterminator. Our squirrel removal programs focus on a blend of squirrel removal and control, not only eliminating your squirrel problem but preventing any problems down the line.

Removal of Squirrels In Your Home

Whether it be inside, or outside the home, effectively getting rid of squirrels is a job best left to professional pest exterminators. Similar to trapping raccoons.

 Live trapping methods are effective but must be done correctly so as not to injure the animal, or yourself. There are provincial laws regarding how these animals must be caught, removed, and transported, as well as laws during their breeding seasons. In other words, these devices require a high level of training.

 Our exterminators will fully inspect your home, garden, and surrounding areas where the squirrels are nesting, and the extent of the damage done. Understanding the behavioral patterns of these animals is crucial to understanding the extent to which additional damage can occur, that the untrained eye would not see or know to look for.

Removal of all food sources, standing water, etc. to prevent further need for squirrel removal

A live trap will be set up outside and baited to attract them to the trap. Once the squirrel is trapped, we come by and pick up the squirrel and relocate them away from your home, and the city.

Squirrel Prevention Measures

Exclusion: No More Squirrels In Your House

Our squirrel removal programs place great focus on making sure that squirrels do not return to your home. We recommend sealing entry points and preventing re-entry.

At Gilpin's Pest Removal, we pride ourselves on incorporating exclusion as part of all our pest control services. With our programs, it is important to us that we get rid of the squirrel from inside your home permanently. Not only do we remove the squirrels from the areas of concern, but we exclude all foreseeable circumstances of infestation returning.

Sanitation and Clean Up After Squirrel Removal

Gilpin’s Pest Control wants to ensure that your home is left with no trace of contamination after experiencing a squirrel problem. We use the latest HEPA filter vacuums and respirators to safely remove and prevent exposure to dangerous viruses. Contact us to learn more about our squirrel removal programs.