Pests Love the Holiday Season Too

The weather is getting colder and the fun, as well as the tasty treats, are all happening indoors. It’s no surprise that pests are ready to take advantage of any lapse in cleanliness or crack in the garage door. Warmer months are the time to be wary of flies and ants, but the winter brings its own set of pests inside. Rodents are especially anxious to get indoors if they’re not hibernating and insects like cockroaches travel with cardboard and packages. And with all those visitors, someone could very well bring along pests like bed bugs.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

The number-one way to keep pests away during winter is the same all year round: cleanliness. Food waste should be thrown in the trash immediately and taken out regularly. Sorry, but you should always clean up right after a party and don’t leave food out on counters. Any food waste that is being stored in the garage or other outbuildings on your property should be stored in hard containers, not just the flimsy trash bag. Rodents and other animals, including dogs and cats, will go for all those tasty scraps that smell like a feast.

Cardboard and Cockroaches

Cockroaches love to scuttle into tight places. The flaps of cardboard boxes are perfect for them to hide out. As you unpack boxes, just stay aware of the surroundings and break down and recycle your cardboard right away.

Pests Will Travel

It’s awful to think about, but a single bed bug will travel in a shoe or glove all the way to your house from anywhere. If you suspect bed bugs, or any other pests during the winter, don’t wait until the warmer months to deal with them. Call a Vancouver pest control company immediately. They will help you to assess the situation, treat your pest problem and offer advice on how to keep pests away in the future.

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