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The Bird Feeder Pest Control Connection

Your bird feeder attracts a lot of different birds to your yard. If you have a bird bath as well, it’s like a whole bird day spa for them! Watching the birds eat their seed and play around in your garden or backyard is very peaceful and relaxing. However, there is a...

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5 Winter Pest Myths

As the autumn comes to an end and the winter starts to bring it’s cold, snowy weather, many people let their guard down when it comes to pests. We were so used to swatting away wasps or setting mouse traps in our garages during the spring and summer months. When the...

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Identifying the Feces of Different Pests

Finding pest droppings anywhere in or around your house is never a good sign. The fact that you found these means that there is some sort of small insect or rodent that has made your home their own. The good news is that finding pest droppings means that you have the...

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What is Overwintering?

When winter comes around, you might be thinking of snuggling with a warm blanket and a nice cup of hot cocoa. But be warned that you’re not alone in that. Pests, like humans, are searching for warm places to spend the winter months and they can be enjoying the warmth...

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Where do Rats Go When They Get Cold?

Unlike bears, animals such as rats, mice and other rodents do not usually hibernate during the long, cold winter months. Rats live in both the wilderness and in domestic environments. Usually, their winter habits will remain consistent and unchanging regardless of the...

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Why are House Spiders More Common in the Winter?

As the cold weather rolls in, you may start to notice more house spiders scurrying around your home. Many people seem to think that the reason for the increase in spider sightings during the colder winter months is simply the fact that the spiders are seeking shelter...

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Top 5 Pests that Could Destroy Your Home

One of the main things that homeowners worry about is walking around in their home and suddenly hearing footsteps in the attic or discovering mysterious holes burrowed in wooden floorboard. This can only mean one thing: a pest has found its way into your home. There...

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How Much Damage Can Rodents Do to Your Attic?

There can be nothing more frustrating than sitting down on the couch or lying in bed after a long day at work, turning on the remote to your favourite television show, relaxing and hearing the soft pitter-patter of feet in your attic. …Hold on, one of these doesn’t...

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The Most Common Bugs in Restaurants and How to Prevent Them!

The Most Common Bugs in Restaurants and How to Prevent Them! Bugs in restaurants…even the thought of having to deal with creepy crawlers around your food can make the most determined foodie run for the hills. The fact is, even the most pristine commercial kitchen can...

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How to Prevent Bedbugs

We’ve all heard the phrase “sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite” but have you ever had to actually deal with a bedbug problem? Anyone who has will most likely tell you it’s nothing to be cute or funny about. If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid bedbugs in your...

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