Pest Exclusion in Interior BC & Greater Vancouver

Pest exclusion, at its simplest, is a tactic that exterminators use to ensure pests they have removed will not enter your home or building again after a pest-eliminating program has been done. It is a preventative measure; it denies pests access to your home in the first place. Pest exclusion focuses on sealing up areas of your building that allow these pests to get in.

The Importance of Pest Exclusion

Pests, particularly rodents and wildlife, release pheromone markings during the time that they stay in your home or building. These act as attractants to lead the next pest population to a “place to stay,” which will inevitably present you with another pest problem to deal with once again. Pest elimination and pest control is a reactive process that will provide you and your family with relief. Pest exclusion is a permanent solution to a pest problem.

How Pest Exclusion Works

At Gilpin's Pest Control, our 35 years in the industry have taught us invaluable local building practices, pest biology & behavior, and extensive exclusion practices. We confidently locate and permanently seal out rodents, wildlife, and pests from any structure- entry points that would not be obvious to the untrained eye, or not easily accessible.

The products we use to exclude these pests are installed in a way to blend with the visual aesthetics of your home or business, all while effectively keeping the pests away. With each of our exclusions, we use enzyme applications. Our exterminators apply the enzymes to the exterior of the building and landscaping to break down pheromone markings and trails left by previous pests, rodents, and wildlife- particularly rats and mice.

Gilpin's Pest Control and Exclusion

Did you know that we are one of the only pest control companies in the area to offer exclusion as part of our pest control services?

A large part of what we offer our clients is a rodent, wildlife, and pest exclusion. In our opinion, the exclusion is the most important step to take after eliminating the pest infestation of your concern. Gilpin's Pest Control provides you with a full pest control service, from elimination to exclusion. That’s the difference we offer. Our exterminators get rid of your pests and keep them gone. Questions about pest, rodent, or wildlife exclusion? Contact us if you’re ready to be pest free: permanently.