Bird Control Services in Greater Vancouver and BC Interior

Are Birds a Pest?

Bird Removal Gilpin'sBirds can sometimes be a pest, worthy of pest control services when they overrun a residence or commercial setting. A beautiful, sporadic sighting of many species of birds can easily turn into a bird infestation. Removing bird droppings becomes crucial, as the acidity in bird waste is highly corrosive and can damage building exteriors and clog drains and gutters.

Birds are also prone to carrying ectoparasites, which can easily be passed onto humans through various forms of contact. Birds' feathers, which are often molted, can cause respiratory problems as well.

Our Exterminators Understand Bird Control

Our bird control programs are typically among the most specific programs our exterminators design for our clients. Because the species of the bird dictates the treatment needed so heavily, it is crucial that a trained exterminator correctly identify the correct kind of bird problem you are dealing with. Our exterminators then help to control and get rid of birds by:

  • Locating the Hot Spots for Your Bird Problem. Birds gather together to socialize, feed, sleep, and to breed- so common sites for bird problems to develop our restaurants, roof ledges, and rooftops. What they are clinging onto, however, will be something our expert exterminators will determine.
  • Determine the Best Bird Control Treatment for Your Situation. This may include repellants, relocation, or exclusion. As always, we make an effort to use non-toxic or low-toxic humane treatments for all our pest control services.
  • Clean Up After Bird Removal. Our exterminators will clean up and sanitize any applicable areas of bird infestation.

Can I Undertake Bird Removal Myself?

Bird control and removal can be very tricky, for very obvious reasons. As well, birds do present health risks that you ideally do not want to expose yourself or your family to. As with all pest problems, it is best to leave it to pest control professionals, who are trained to safely and efficiently get rid of pests. Contact us today to find out more about our bird control programs.