Mice Control Services in Greater Vancouver & BC Interior

Mice are a more frequent pest than some realize, particularly in the areas that our exterminators serve.

Mice Control GilpinsAble to breed all year round, female mice are able to produce up to ten litters in a single year. Multiply that by six to eight babies per litter, and you are looking at a potentially big mouse infestation in your home. Effective mice control is crucial, as mice can spread diseases such as hantavirus, salmonellosis, and listeria.

Mice are also known to chew through almost anything- including your home’s wires, insulation, and drywall. Since mice can get into almost any space they want, entry points for mice to enter your home are a dime a dozen. This makes selecting the right exterminator vital to make sure you get rid of mice in your home quickly and effectively.

Mice are a common pest in homes, businesses, and commercial buildings. Their droppings and waste run the risk of putting you and your family at risk.

Rodenticide Free Rodent Control

Gilpin's Pest Control provides many options for rodent control including our rodenticide-free programs. We offer a 100% poison-free service for controlling and preventing rodents in your home or business. With risks of poisoning raptors, mammals, and the environment we are constantly using rodenticide-free options for safe and effective control of rodents. We use a combination of trapping stations for humane removal which prevents any poisoning of the environment or non-target pests; exclusion to block potential and current entry points; enzymes to break down pheromone trails to entry points and nesting sites, and repellants to make the area less attractive. Gilpin's Pest Control offers this service as an emergency service or an option for our residential and commercial monthly IPM customers. Please contact us if you are interested in our rodenticide free rodent control programs

How Can I Get Rid of Mice?

Our Mouse Removal Program

Our exterminators are fully licensed and insured, with years of experience to bring a safe, effective, and timely solution to getting rid of mice in your area of concern. Getting rid of mice can seem overwhelming, but our exterminators are here to help!

We offer a rodent program to remove unwanted pests inside your home.

The tech will inspect the whole home and set traps up in discrete locations throughout the home where activity is found.

We offer non-toxic, safe removal of mice within your home. We prefer to use a series of mouse trapping services to catch and remove mice in the home. Trapping mice eliminates the need for poisons. At times- such as very large populations of mouse infestations or areas of low accessibility, poisons may be required.

After the program is set up, follow-ups are required to control the issue. Typically, an effective mice control program consists of 3-5 services over the course of 7-10 days.

Once the follow-ups are completed and no more activity is found inside, we recommend proceeding with our exclusion and clean-up programs.

Exclusion: No More Mice in Your Home

At Gilpin's Pest Removal, we pride ourselves on incorporating exclusion as part of all our pest control services. With our mice removal programs, it is important to us that we get rid of mice permanently in your home. Not only do we remove the mice from the areas of concern, but we exclude a foreseeable circumstance of a mice infestation returning.

Exclusion is not typically offered by our competitors, but to us, it is an important part of providing quality pest control services- particularly mouse control services. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have, about effective mice removal.

Mouse Droppings and Waste Clean Up

We use the latest HEPA filter vacuums and respirators to safely remove and prevent exposure to dangerous viruses.
These remove 99.97% of even the worst mice feces, mold spores, hairs, and dust particles- those that would typically be missed by traditional vacuuming. 

Discreet Mice Removal

We realize that getting rid of mice in your home isn’t something that you necessarily want your neighbours to be aware of. Gilpin’s Pest Control understands the need for privacy. Our exterminators arrive in unmarked vans and take care to draw minimal attention to themselves. Contact us to learn more about how our mice removal services can finally get rid of mice in your home.