Racoon Removal Services in Interior BC & Greater Vancouver

So, a raccoon has decided that your home or business is a good hang-out spot for themselves and their friends. You’re not alone. Raccoons are common pests around residential homes

Raccoon Control Gilpin'sCommonly known for digging through trash cans and disturbing the outer areas of your home, raccoons can certainly become nuisances in areas such as your garden, forestry, garden ponds, chimneys or even your attic- if they can gain access.

Aside from behaving as a general pest in your home, raccoons also present a threat to household pets such as cats, or small dogs. Raccoons are very “food-driven” and will become very aggressive in nature when confronted with the opportunity to feed themselves and their pack. Raccoons are surprisingly vicious when they feel they are under attack, or if they wish to attack out of fear or loss of food.

Since raccoons are quite active throughout the night, spotting these furry creatures can be tough for the untrained eye. If you have a raccoon in your home or a raccoon in your attic, spotting them becomes even harder. A trained exterminator will be able to best inspect, remove, treat, and prevent raccoons from entering and around your home.

Removal of Raccoons

As with all pest control services, it is best to leave it to a trained, insured professional. This ensures that not only is the job done correctly, but that you will also continue to be further protected. Our raccoon removal programs focus on the exclusion, removal, and clean up of a raccoon “invasion” in and around your home:

There are provincial laws regarding how these animals must be caught, removed, and transported, as well laws during their breeding seasons. In other words, these devices require a high level of training.

Inspect the Area of Issue / Concern

Our exterminators understand what draws raccoon(s) to a residence, and how the setup of your home could potentially be a cushy spot for a family of raccoons. Getting rid of raccoons first starts with making sure there is nothing attractive for them to return to.

Our exterminators will fully inspect your home, garden, and surrounding areas to ensure you are dealing with a raccoon problem, where the raccoon(s) are nesting, and the extent of the damage done. Understanding the behavioral patterns of these animals is crucial to understanding the extent to which additional damage can occur, that the untrained eye would not see or know to look for.

Live Trapping and Relocating Program for Raccoons

A live trap will be set up outside and baited to attract them to the trap. Once the raccoon is trapped, we come by and pick up the raccoon and relocate them away from your home, and the city.

Raccoon Prevention Measures

Exclusion: No More Raccoons in Your Home

Our raccoon removal programs place great focus on making sure that raccoons do not return to your home. We recommend to seal entry points and prevent re-entry.

At Gilpin's Pest Removal, we pride ourselves on incorporating exclusion as part of all our pest control services. With our programs, it is important to us that we get rid of the raccoons from inside your home we permanently. Not only do we remove the squirrels from the areas of concern, but we exclude all foreseeable circumstances of infestation returning.

Sanitation / Clean Up After Raccoon Removal

Gilpin’s Pest Control wants to ensure that your home is left with no trace of contamination after experiencing a raccoon problem. We use the latest HEPA filter vacuums and respirators to safely remove and prevent exposure to dangerous viruses.

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