Maple Bug Control Services in Interior BC & Greater Vancouver

Maple bugs also referred to as boxelder bugs, stink bugs and even tuxedo bugs, are true bugs common to the Southern Interior of British Columbia and are now common in the Lower Mainland of BC.

The insects breed and nest in maple, ash, and boxelder trees; hence the name, but can’t survive winters outside. Which is why they migrate to warm structures for warmth and hibernation through the winter. They gain entry through cracks in foundations, doors, windows, siding, soffits, and roofs.

Box elder bugs remain hidden throughout winter, but may emerge if heat sources within a structure are sufficient. The bugs then emerge from hibernation in early spring and fly to host trees which are just starting to bud and spend their season there. Then the cycle happens again and again.

They can be abundant in number, but are also completely harmless. The bugs don't sting or bite and are not known to cause damage to homes or significant damage to plants. However, their feces can stain light-coloured surfaces such as your homes exterior siding.

Maple Bug Control Methods

Box elder bugs aren’t hearty pests, but they are certainly a nuisance. The first step is to determine how they are getting into your home and sealing any potential entry point. Gilpins Pest Control specializes in the sealing of structures to reduce the areas they can enter. We seal the exterior of structures with many products such as foam gaskets, insect mesh, and clear silicone to seal any gaps in your home's siding, windows, and doors, foundation, plumbing, wiring, cable, etc.

Beyond sealing the exterior, a residual insecticide applied to the exterior cracks and crevices of your home or business is usually required. And sometimes if the bugs have entered into your living space a residual insecticide treatment is required on the inside.

Box elder and maple bugs are a common part of our environment and is a management issue. Depending on the environment and the location treatments may be required every spring and summer, yearly, or every few years to knock them down to an acceptable level.

If you’re having problems with maple bugs or box elder bugs please contact us.