Wasp Control Services in BC Interior & Greater Vancouver

How Can I Get Rid of Wasps?

98% of the nests we treat are wasps. Bees, who are rarely aggressive and are highly useful in our ecosystem, do not usually present a problem in residential or commercial buildings. Wasps, on the other hand, make their nests out of mud and wood and turn to food and garbage as food. That is what makes wasps a big, aggressive pest. Due to the likelihood of a wasp attack, getting rid of wasps by yourself is definitely not recommended, and professional services should always be consulted when dealing with a wasp nest.

To be sure you are dealing with a wasp infestation, rather than a bee problem, it is good to notice the difference between the two.

Wasp ExampleAn Example of a wasp.Bee Example An example of a bee.

Wasps are quite narrow, while bees are visibly “fatter”. While bees are darker, with only hints of yellow/orange in their fuzzy fur, wasps are very bright yellow and smooth-skinned. Most importantly, wasps are aggressive in nature and will bother humans, while bees will not.

Removing Wasps Nests

Professional exterminators are absolutely necessary when dealing with wasps. When aggravated, wasps will sting, and this is something you want to avoid when dealing with a nest. Our wasp removal programs focus on getting rid of wasps by:

  • Identifying the source of the wasp infestation, and the behavioral patterns of the wasps.
  • Using selective methods of wasp control methods, based on the requirements of you, your home, and the magnitude of the wasp problem. These could include physical removal, traps, insecticidal controls, or traps.
  • Excluding the wasps, so that they do not enter the infected area again- and, ensuring you do not continue to face wasp problems in the future.
  • Sanitizing the area to erase any mess left behind by the wasp infestation. This also reduces access to the wasp’s sources of food.

Leave Wasp Removal to the Professionals

Getting rid of wasps is not something you want to undertake yourself. Leave it to trained exterminators. Contact us, and find out how we can easily resolve your wasp infestation in your home or business today.