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Bed Bug Control Services

Bedbug Control and Removal

Bed bugs are a particularly troublesome pest, as they are very hard to find and very easy to miss. Did you know that if you fail to exterminate even just one pregnant female bed bug, you will face yet another bed bug problem- of up to 1000 eggs- within just a few months?

Home remedies are typically ineffective at dealing with the majority of bed bug infestations, so it is vital you select an experienced exterminator to provide top-notch bed bug control services in your home or business. Effective bed bug removal requires a highly trained eye, and specific tools and products, to ensure your bed bug problem is taken care of. Our exterminators are fully trained, industry leading and licenced & insured, to provide you the best service in your area.

Our bed bug control services focus on getting rid of bed bugs permanently. Our exterminators do this by:

  • Identification and inspection of the infected area
  • Non-toxic, or low-toxic control methods to fully eliminate the bed bug infestation
  • Installation of a protection plan, and after care to ensure your home or business remains bed bug free.

Our bed bug removal services are 100% quality guaranteed.

New! Aprehend Ready-to-Use Formula for Bed Bug Control

Gilpins Pest Control now offers an effective non-toxic biological control for bed bugs. There are no insecticides used, and we can gain 100% control in just one treatment in most cases. Aprehend Biopesticide is a non-toxic, ready-to-use oil formula of fungal spores called Beauveria bassiana. One application will last three months making it an excellent choice for active and preventative bed-bug treatments for residential and commercial customers.

Aprehend is applied at low volume application rates using a Low Volume Low Pressure spray applicator in strategic locations to effect bed bugs in and around their harbourage areas.

How Aprehend Works

When bed bugs cross Aprehend, they carry the fungal spores back to their harbourage areas, transferring to the whole colony. Within 20 hours of contact with the bed bug, the fungal spores germinate, like a seed, and penetrate the cuticle of the bed bug, colonizing inside the bed bug and killing it. When bed bugs of all life stages, sex or feeding status come in contact with Aprehend, they die within 4-10 days.

Key Advantages

  • One-time application
  • Non-toxic preventative treatment for the hospitality industry
  • Up to 3 months residual activity
  • Effective on insecticide-resistant bed bug populations
  • Minimal preparation required
  • Non-toxic biopesticide
  • Kills nymphs and adults

Please contact us for our new Aprehend bed bug treatments.

So, what are bed bugs?

Bed bugs live in groups of parasites, that inhabit in the “nests” of wherever they choose to host themselves. They like to pick places with human contact- houses, hotels, hostels etc. Why? The closer they are the humans, the easier it is for bed bugs to bite people while they are sleeping.

Once fed- (which doesn’t take long for these little bugs)- they retreat back into their hiding spots and become very easy to be overlooked.

Reaching only 5-7mm in length as adults, bed bugs are small- but vicious, and present huge health risks to you and your family.

Did you know that our exterminators can get rid of bed bugs in one, non-toxic treatment?

A heat treatment is an easy, effective way to control bed bugs in your home. By using extreme heat-hotboxing, steaming, dryers etc.- Gilpin’s Pest Control can get rid of bed bugs quickly and without chemical treatments.

Discreet Bed Bug Removal

We realize that getting rid of bed bugs in your home isn’t something that you necessarily want your neighbours to be aware of. Gilpin’s Pest Control understands the need for privacy. Our exterminators arrive in unmarked vans, and take care to draw minimal attention to themselves. Contact us to learn more about how our bed bug control services can finally get your house bed bug free.





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